Gallagher & Associates Team

Gallagher & Associates Team

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Foreclosure Experts....Or Are They?

“Expert” foreclosure advise is seemingly available everywhere these days. But who exactly is the expert offering advice on your most precious asset, your home.

Realtors, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, appraisers and self professed real estate experts have set up shop offering advice to distressed homeowners in default of their mortgage or in foreclosure. Consumers looking for guidance often fall into the trap of seeking advice from real estate sales professionals without appropriate credentials to render opinions on the legal implications of foreclosure. Further still are realtors or mortgage brokers that offer valuation opinions, without a state appraiser certification.

“Almost every day I speak with homeowners who are operating under some misinformation about foreclosure provided by non-attorney experts” said Attorney Charles R. Gallagher III. “Homeowners need to be careful of the source of the information and should seek the counsel of a licensed Florida attorney with foreclosure litigation experience.” “Realtors and brokers are not in a position to offer legal advice regarding foreclosure issues.”

Homeowners need to inquire on basis for such expert opinions with some pointed questions. What are your professional credentials or licenses? Do you lecture or teach on the subject? And most importantly, who has characterized you as an expert?

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