Gallagher & Associates Team

Gallagher & Associates Team

Friday, June 1, 2012

Foreclosure Kills Kids

Jay Hornbeck Foreclosures have been killing kid's grades sources say. Courtney Allen, writer for the Foreclosure Warehouse has stated that a bipartisan advocacy agency in Washington DC called "First Focus" deals with family welfare. Apparently, 2.3 million children have been affected due to this prolonged five year foreclosure crisis. One in every ten children has suffered or will suffer in the future from post-foreclosure effects. What is this adverse effect? The president of First Focus, Bruce Lesley claims that the adverse effects are not only limited to physical and mental consequences, but that on the basis of sixteen studies, the conclusion was that for every eviction process, students receive poor evaluations in regards to their educational career and that sometimes students may be absent for even a month. The kids have not commented on these month long breaks.

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