Gallagher & Associates Team

Gallagher & Associates Team

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hurricane Season Outlook

NOAA has issued an alarming hurricane forcast this year stating that it will be an "an active to extremely active" season:

· 14 to 23 storms big enough to be named.

· Eight to 14 hurricanes - storms with winds of 74 mph or greater.

· Three to seven major hurricanes - those with winds exceeding 111 mph.

That is the most named storms NOAA has forecast since it began issuing the outlook in 1998. Only 2005 had more actual named storms: 28, including 15 hurricanes. NOAA predicted more storms than actually occurred only once, in 2006.

"We could be facing one of the more active seasons on record," NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenko said at a news conference.

The hurricane season is June 1 to Nov. 30, but most storms occur in August through October.

State and federal emergency planners are worried about a storm surge that could carry oil from the Gulf spill far inland.

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